Welcome to Cleobury Country Archers

We are a growing archery club based in South Shropshire and affiliated to Archery GB with community club status.

Although most of our members like to compete in competitions, we also shoot for fun and many of our members choose to alternate between using traditional English longbow, Olympic style recurve and compound bows.

So whatever style of archery interests you, there is someone at the club that can advise and help you progress. 

Cleobury Country Archers
Indoor Season
Cleobury Mortimer Sports Center
9:30 to 12:30 every Sunday
Outdoors from 7th April

Book a Beginners Course

If you are interested in trying out archery and wanting to join a friendly club, why not book yourself on to our Beginners Course. The course will provide anyone looking to get into archery with the core skill you need to progress, including stance, posture, techniques and safety.

There are only 12 available spaces on each course run, so don’t wait!

Please check the Events to see the future course dates.