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Welcome to our archery club

COVID-19 Stops Archery

It is with sadness that we have to announce that all UK Club Archery is suspended following Archery GB's recent decision. Please follow below link to read -

Archery GB Announcement

We will keep you up to date through the website as the situation progresses.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

The committee will be following events very closely and look forward to resuming shooting in the near future!

We are a growing archery club based in South Shropshire and affiliated to Archery GB with community club status.

Although many of our members like to compete in competitions, we also shoot for fun. Many of our members choose to alternate between using traditional English longbow, Olympic style recurve and compound bows.

So whatever style of archery interests you, or whether you want to compete or not, there is someone at the club that can advise and help you progress.

If you are interested in coming along to a session, or joining the club as an existing archer or beginner, more information is available here.

Heritage 2018 Results Amended

Mike Cleeton has been awarded 1st place in the Men’s National 60/50 round after a recording error. Previously Mike was in 2nd place to Finlay Scott from Long Mynd Archers, but after reviewing the 2018 results which were posted September 2019, a record error showed a misplaced score from a Mike Cleaton (typo) of Cleobury Country Archers which was not correctly recorded. This amendment has resulted in Mike being awarded in 1st place.

The club, even though 12 months late, wanted to recognise Mike with this achievement.

What's new

252 Award Badges
  • Beginners Course: New beginners course starting Wednesday 8th April.
  • 252 Award: To encourage all members to develop their archery further Cleobury Archers have adopted the 252 Badge Award Scheme. The 252 Award is designed to help you practice and improve your shooting at different distances and be recognised for your achievements. more info
  • Clubs Top Scores: Registered club members can submit their scores. The top3 for each round are awarded a marker of Gold, Silver, Bronze and displayed on the club website. more info
  • Events: We are now listing all events on the club site. If you wish to enter a competition, this can be done directly, or if the club has multiple members we can enter as a group. more info

Cleobury Country Archers
Indoor October to April (Sun only)
Outdoor April to October (Wed and Sun)
Cleobury Mortimer Sports Center
Shooting Times
Sunday 9:30 to 12:30
Wednesday 6:00 to dusk

Book a Beginners Course

If you are interested in trying out archery and wanting to join a friendly club, why not book yourself on to our Beginners Course. The course will provide anyone looking to get into archery with the core skill you need to progress, including stance, posture, techniques and safety.

Location - Cleobury Mortimer Sports and Fitness Centre.
Coaches - Oliver Lewis, Andy Godfrey, Una Leigh.
Cost - £35 per person.
Session Dates - Wednesday 8th 15th 22nd April and Sunday 3rd May
Session Times - Arrive 6/6:30 till 8:00pm then 10:00am till 12.30pm on Sunday 3rd May

More Details

There are only 12 available spaces on each course run, so don’t wait!

Please check the Events to see the future course dates. If there are no beginners events listed, please register and we will be in touch.

Important Club Notice

Prior to shooting on the outdoor club range, all arrows "must be" signed out on the sheet in the storage container. This is to ensure that no arrow is left on the field when we leave. If you lose an arrow whilst on the field, please advise another member and all archers will assist in locating the missing arrow, visually and with metal detectors. At no point are pure carbon arrows allowed to be used on the field.

At the end of shooting and before you sign them back in and leave the field, ALL arrows must be accounted for.

Any archer shooting that has not signed out arrows will be asked to stop. This is to ensure the safety of others on the shared sports field when we leave.

-- CCA Committee