​​​ Cleobury Country Archers​​
A growing  archery club based in Cleobury Mortimer  Shropshire 

Shropshire archery club in Cleobury Mortimer.

Club Fee's

Beginners Course - £30 for 6 weeks (subject to availability  Beginners page )
Casual Member - £40 joining fee, weekly shoot fee - £4.00.

Full Member – Annual Fee of £140 due on 01/04/17 or payable £12/month

Second member discount - 20% reduction applies to family/partners.

GNAS Fee's - Archery GB Fees



    Archery Safety
   The Club is affiliated to Archery GB (formally GNAS), and has adopted the appropriate safety standards.
   You will therefore be expected to adhere to the safety and etiquette standards as appropriate

  • Archery can be dangerous so you will be expected to remember the following rules and adhere to them.
  • When not shooting please retire behind the safety line (or appropriate distance indoors)
  • Never load an arrow unless you are on the firing line and facing the target
  • Do not dry-fire a bow (without an arrow)
  • Keep one foot behind the firing line when shooting, and never advance beyond the line, unless shooting has been stopped by the field marshal, (Note:- you may recover a dropped arrow if less than 3 feet from the firing line)
  • The field marshal will blow a whistle once for clear to shoot, three times for collect arrows, (or give verbal commands) and one long or several blasts for emergency stop shooting or shout FAST or STOP(arrows must be immediately taken from bows and quivered, even if just about to shoot)
  • No talking on the firing line, and if shooting in pairs have thought for the other person shooting before leaving the line etc., especially if the adjacent archer is at full draw etc.
  • Please carry arrows under the armpit with the hand grasping just above the points
  • Arrows must not be touched until all archers on that target agree and scored (if scoring is taking place.)
  • One or Two people will pull all the arrows from a target. Arrows must be pulled carefully to avoid bending them - Grasp the arrow as close to the target as possible then pull out straight, ensuring no-one is standing in front of the target.
  • Collect overshoots afterwards, and take care of arrows protruding from the ground.
  • If you are unsure about anything - please ask before continuing