​​​ Cleobury Country Archers​​
A growing  archery club based in Cleobury Mortimer  Shropshire 

Get Into Archary 


We are a friendly club and offer beginners archery courses in a relaxed enviroment for with all equipment provided for you to progress and enjoy the sport, until you purchase your own and our members are always willing advise and help you.
The club offers a free introduction session on any Sunday morning, basic shooting technique and use of equipment.

We have four qualified Archery GB Level One Coaches on hand

We currently offer a three week induction course on a Saturday or Sunday morning and you will be able to become a member of the club, with our support you can progress at your own pace and in your own direction
This will show you the basics of shooting, etiquette, safety, setting up a bow, etc
You can shoot for a week as a guest, but then must join and become Archery GB (GNAS) registered for insurance to cover you.

If you have shot before you will be assessed by one of the coaches and will be able to join immediately

All basic equipment is available for members use
Recurve (olympic) style bows, Alloy arrows, Arm guards, finger tabs, floor quivers. sights, and targets
Newcomers and members are welcome to bring and use their own equipment, but please check it with a senior member first.

Flat soft soled comfortable footwear is best suited for indoor, stilettoes should not be worn as this can damage the floor surface, sandals or open toed shoes are not allowed on safety grounds.
The hall can get chilly at times so tighter fitting layered clothing is best, but try to avoid baggy and furry/fluffy clothing, as this can easily get caught in the bowstring, loose jewellery is not recommended., and long hair should be tied up, out of the path of the bowstring. 

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  3. Shropshire archery club in Cleobury Mortimer.
  4. Shropshire archery club in Cleobury Mortimer.

Beginners Course 

key info 

 Location - Cleobury Mortimer Sports and Fitness Centre

Dates - TBC Saturdays Feb 2018 09.30am-11.30am

Coaches - Oliver Lewis, Andy Hinton, Una Leigh & Steve Lancaster

Cost - £30 per person 

About the course 

Course Aims -
The aim of our beginner’s course is to
provide anyone looking to get into archery with the core
skill you need to progress, including stance posture
and techniques.

Archery can be incredibly rewarding, this is something we have incorporated in our beginners course with games and prizes at the end of every session, also finishing with an indoor competition and prizes.

Most importantly, the course aims to be fun and to bring out
the spirit of shooting with the Cleobury Country Archers!

Safety In Archery -
At Cleobury Archers we have taken all required measures to ensure a safe and friendly environment for all ages and backgrounds.

The safety of all our members and students is of the highest order.

It is important that any medical issues are reported to one of the coaches so we can ensure you get the full benefits from the course and most importantly enjoy yourself without any risk of injury.

Signing Up - There are only 12 available spaces on the
course so don’t wait! Call or text Oliver Lewis on
07794278785 today to book your space